Which Travel Coffee Maker Is The Best?

Travel Coffee Maker
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Travel Coffee Makers

The search for the perfect travel coffee maker can be quite challenging, with countless options available on the market. However, three popular choices stand out among coffee enthusiasts: the AeroPress Go, Wacaco Minipresso, and Bodum Travel Press. Each of these portable coffee makers offers unique features and brewing methods that cater to different preferences. In this article, we will compare these three models, discussing their pros and cons to help you make an informed decision.

AeroPress Go: The AeroPress Go has gained a cult following among coffee aficionados for its versatility and ease of use. Here are its pros and cons:


a) Versatile brewing methods: The AeroPress Go allows you to experiment with different brewing techniques, ranging from traditional immersion brewing to inverted methods that yield stronger coffee.

b) Portable design: Made of lightweight plastic, the AeroPress Go is highly portable, making it an excellent option for travelers.

c) Quick brewing time: With an average brewing time of 2-3 minutes, the AeroPress Go offers a convenient option for those seeking a quick caffeine fix.

d) Easy to clean: The AeroPress Go disassembles easily, simplifying the cleaning process. It requires minimal effort to keep it in pristine condition.


a) Limited capacity: The AeroPress Go can brew a maximum of 8 ounces of coffee at a time, which may be insufficient for those who prefer larger servings.

b) Requires additional equipment: To use the AeroPress Go, you will need paper filters and a source of hot water, which may not always be readily available during your travels.

Travel Coffee Maker

Wacaco Minipresso: The Wacaco Minipresso is a compact, manual espresso maker that aims to replicate the taste and quality of espresso shots on the go. Let’s explore its pros and cons:

a) Authentic espresso taste: The Minipresso uses a semi-automatic piston to create up to 50 ml of espresso, producing a rich and full-bodied flavor similar to that of traditional espresso machines.

b) Portability: The Minipresso’s compact size and durable construction make it an excellent choice for camping, hiking, or any adventure where space is limited.

c) No need for electricity: This manual coffee maker requires no electricity or batteries, relying solely on your own power to create the pressure needed for extraction.


a) Limited brewing capacity: Similar to the AeroPress Go, the Minipresso has a small brewing capacity, which may not satisfy those who prefer larger cups of coffee.

b) Complex operation: The Minipresso’s operation involves a learning curve, as it requires precise steps and consistent manual pressure to achieve optimal results.

c) Longer brewing time: Due to its manual operation, brewing a shot of espresso with the Minipresso takes more time and effort compared to other options.


Bodum Travel Press: The Bodum Travel Press combines the functionality of a French press with a portable travel mug to offer a practical solution for coffee lovers. Consider its pros and cons:

a) All-in-one design: The Travel Press combines a coffee press with a travel mug, allowing you to brew and drink coffee in the same container.

b) Retains heat well: The double-wall insulation of the Bodum Travel Press ensures your coffee stays hot for a longer duration, making it suitable for longer journeys.

c) No need for additional accessories: Unlike the AeroPress Go or Minipresso, the Bodum Travel Press does not require additional paper filters or a separate brewing vessel, simplifying the brewing process.


a) Limited brewing options: The Bodum Travel Press is primarily designed for French press-style coffee, which may not appeal to those who prefer espresso or other brewing methods.

b) Bulky design: Compared to the other options, the Bodum Travel Press is bulkier and may take up more space in your backpack or luggage.


The choice between the AeroPress Go, Wacaco Minipresso, and Bodum Travel Press ultimately depends on your preferences and brewing needs. The AeroPress Go offers versatility and ease of use, while the Minipresso focuses on delivering an authentic espresso experience. On the other hand, the Bodum Travel Press combines convenience with a French press brewing method. Consider the pros and cons outlined in this article to find the travel coffee maker that best suits your coffee preferences and on-the-go lifestyle.

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