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Aerial Cinematography and Filming

Whether you are looking for general aerial filming or extreme action sports, with thousands of flight hours behind us, our pilots have filmed athletes, boats, planes, high-end real estate, marathons and even flown FAA sanctioned events.  We are known for providing the most difficult aerial cinematography in order to deliver the most exciting, gripping shots.  Inside or out, you can lose the boom, ditch the jib and forget the crane because we can deliver exceptional, affordable cinematography with the use of our drones.

What We Film

  • Music Videos
  • Tourism Commercials
  • Real Estate
  • Air Shows
  • Feature Films
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Boats/Marinas
  • Film Festivals
  • Up-Close and Personal Shots
  • Marathons
  • Subject Tracking at High Speeds
  • Special Events
  • Shoot Slow Motion & 4K
  • Charity Events


From site monitoring to homes buildout time lapses, UAVs can deliver an unprecedented amount of information to help in site development, planning, building and final inspection.


We often do training for clients of all sizes, specifically in the area of pilots both new and experienced.  If you have an application that would require or benefit from training pilots or continuing education, you can contact us to discuss the scope of service.


We are available to do a wide range of consulting services.  The options and applications are almost limitless.  Simply let us know your need(s) and we’ll put together a plan of action to meet your objectives.

For further details, or to discuss your specific needs, please fill out the following contact form and we will get in touch with you to discuss your project.